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The Bachmann Europe team met up this week with the model trade press to update the market on the latest developments and progress, a full report can be found on the RmWeb forum here and I take this opportunity to update ion those items of a Southern / Southern Region interest. Although no new announcements were made  it was indicated that the next catalogue and product announcements are likely to take place  earlier next year, probably at some point in January. Although Bachmann have experienced delays in both the design and production arenas over the last couple of years tit is good news that they appear to starting to catch up a bit during the last twelve months or so of consolidation as had been previously promised.

The first EP of the ex SECR 60' Birdcage Brake. Picture Copyright and courtesy A York/Bachamnn

The 1st EP of the ex SECR 60′ Birdcage Brake composite (Dia 2432). Picture Copyright and courtesy A York/Bachmann

The item of most interest for Southern modellers was the first images of the first Engineering Prototypes (EP) for the ex SECR 60′ Birdcage stock Trio ‘C’ 30 sets, (SR set Nos 567-570, 575-589,  602-5 and 612-8) announced back in March 2013. These compriise of aBrake Composite to SR Diagram 162, a Composite to SR Diagram 315 and Brake Third to SR Diagram 160. These sets pretty much remained intact throughout their lives until withdrawal between 1956 and 1958.

1st EP Ex SECR 60' Birdcage stock composite. Picture Copyright and courtesy A York/Bachamnn

1st EP Ex SECR 60′ Birdcage stock composite (Dia 2315) . Picture Copyright and courtesy A York/Bachamnn

As can be seen from the pictures, copyright and courtesy of Andy York and Bachmann, the first impressions are very favourable with a high level of detail, although I have not had the chance to see them up close and in the flesh (plastic) yet.

Ex SECR 60' Brake Third EP (Dia 2431). Picture Copyright and courtesy A York/Bachmann

Ex SECR 60′ Brake Third EP (Dia 2431). Picture Copyright and courtesy A York/Bachmann

Also the ex LBSC H2 class Atlantic, announced even earlier in August 2013, has now also progressed to tooling for the engineering Prototypes and we hope to see these EPs soon.

Delivery of both the Birdcage stock and the H2 Atlantic is expected in May 2017.


The Model Rail USA Tank as No 68 in SR livery

The Model Rail ref MR-102 USA Tank as No 68 in SR livery. Picture copyright and courtesy Kernow Model Centre

The SR / BR(s) USA 0-6-0 tanks being produced by Bachmann for Model Rail magazine are imminent to arrive at Bachmann’s Barwell HQ, before being shipped to the Kernow Model Centre for orders to be despatched, this could take a few weeks to complete due to the shear column of orders so be patient.

The South West Trains class 450 Desiro 3rd rail units, based on tooling changes to the previously released 350 class units are now ready to enter production although delivery was stated as being likely to be February 2017,  while the class 414 2 Hap units announced earlier this year are still at the design stage. Although announced back in march 2015 along with the Class 450, the 45 ton Ransomes and Rapier steam crane is still at the design stage prior to CAD work taking place, so is some way off yet.

Keep an eye on this blog in the next week or so for further updates on both released and imminent Southern / Southern Region relevant models form other manufacturers.

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Further to the earlier announcement of new items to added to the both the Bachmann ’00’ and Graham Farish ‘N’ ranges I can also now update on the status of the work in progress on previously announced  items. To a certain extent it is the shear amount of work still in progress that has dictated the size of the announcement of new items yesterday as a certain amount of catching up is required.

Bachmann ’00’ Gauge items

The ex LBSC H2 Atlantic announced last August is still with the development team before entering the drawing office, along with the following: LMS Stanier Mogul 2-6-0, Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T (DCC chassis upgrade), V1/V3 2-6-2T (DCC Chassis Upgrade), Class 158 (all new tooling and to include DCC provision), Class 24/1, Thompson coaches and WD Warflat,

The ex SECR Birdcage rolling stock announced in March 2013 is in the drawing office, with CADS being preparded before tooling can commence, along with the following items: BR Auto Trailer, Mark 2F coaches (including DBSO), Wickham Trolley (Type 27) and the 20T tank wagon.

Within the tool room is the Class 43 Warship and the 21T grain wagon, whilst Engineering Prototypes of the SR PLV/PMV/CCT utility vans have been received but unfortunately these were not shown to us today.

The E4 hand painted sample to give an impression of what is to come.

The E4 hand painted sample to give an impression of what is to come.

The ex LBSC E4 is now at the livery artwork stage (although some hand painted mocks have been completed but are just mocks and incorrect in some areas. Other items at this artwork stage include: GWR 64xx 0-60T, GWR Hall Class 4-6-0 and GWR Modified Hall Class 4-6-0.

The delightful Midland 1F 0-6-0T is now in production and the ex LMS inspection saloon should be in the shops soon.

Graham Farish ‘N’ Gauge items

The SR PLV 4-wheel van  is still with the development team before entering the drawing office, along with the following:  GWR Castle Class 4-6-0, BR Mark 2F coaches and the GWR Auto Trailer.

The SR Bogie B luggage van along with the GWR Hawksworth coaches have progressed to the tool room whilst the BR Standard 4MT (80xxx) 2-6-4T and GWR 64xx are still in the drawing office.

The Graham Farish N Class and 3rd series Merchant Navy no moving to livery artwork stage.

The Graham Farish N Class and 3rd series Merchant Navy now moving to livery artwork stage.

Engineering Prototype  samples have been received for the SR Ventilated vans whilst the SR N Class 2-6-0 and SR Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 are now at the artwork preparation stage along with the Class 47/7 and Class 31. The BR Mk1 CCT is at the livery sample stage along with the Class 57 (Dellner coupling version), LMS (Ex-MR) 4F 0-6-0 and Polybulk bogie hopper.

The following items have been approved for production: LNER A2 Class 4-6-2, 20T Midland Brake Van, COVHOP and LMS Princess Coronation Class 4-6-2. On their way to the shops soon are the Class 25 and Class 37/4.

As can be seen this is a fair amount of work in progress and there is still a further locomotive announcement  being made on Tuesday 29th in conjunction with the National Railway Museum. These announcements of new items is in effect an short term announcement before going back to the usual timing of March for the next new product announcements in 2015.


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Today, 20/07/14,  Bachmann Europe celebrated its 25th anniversary this year with a trade event at their Leicestershire headquarters. Bachmann Europe was established in England during 1989. Initially its  Branchline product range consisted of models produced using the moulds of the old Palitoy ‘Mainline’ range. The Branchline range  has continued to grow and raise the standard for British outline ’00’ models.  Graham Farish was purchased by Bachmann Europe during the year 2000 and its production of British ‘N’ scale  models was also transferred to the factory of  Bachmann’s parent company Kader  in China.

Today at their celebration event they have announced the following:

Baldwin 009 loco (picture courtesy or Bachmann)

Baldwin 009 loco (picture courtesy of Bachmann)

Firstly a new venture with a foray into the narrow gauge 009 market. With a tie in to the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1  they are to produce a Baldwin Class 10-12-D locomotive,  in four different liveries. With British factories fully committed to the war effort, the British government turned to the American manufacturer, Baldwin, to produce 495 of their 4-6-0T locomotives. To complement the new locomotives, they are  introducing a number of wagons – two covered goods and four open bogies. Both types of wagon would see service after the war in the UK and will be available in an assortment of liveries including WW1 WD Grey and Nocton Light Grey. In addition to the locomotives and wagons, Bachmann are to  introduce three Narrow Gauge station buildings based on Woody Bay Station on the former Lynton & Barnstaple Railway.

The  Branchline 00 scale range continues to grow with the introduction of a number of new products, further to the announcement last August of the ex LBSC H2 Atlantic, newly announced today are a Class 90 Electric and Freightliner FFA and FGA flat wagons. The Scenecraft range will feature: a Container Crane,to complement the Freightliner flat wagons, a Rail Milk Depot in low relief buildings and a System-Built Post-War Station based on Forest Hill in South-East London. A further locomotive announcement is being made on Tuesday 29th in conjunction with the National Railway Museum.

SECR Birdcage Stock will now be produced in N (picture courtesy of Bachmann)

SECR Birdcage Stock will now be produced in N (picture courtesy of Bachmann)

Graham Farish in ‘N’ gauge marks  the arrival of the N Class steam locomotive newly adorned in SECR Dark Grey livery and adds to its range the replicating of the SECR Birdcage coaching stock previously introduced in 00. Scenecraft in N scale, will see the introduction of the power station collection, a static caravan and low relief power signal box along with a host of new low relief shops and businesses.

At the event further information has been provided on the development status of previously announced items and I will post separately about this news in the next day or so.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Bachmann Europe team for their hospitality today in addition to wishing every future success (and maybe even more Southern models in the future!)

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At the annual Model and Hobbies show, held this year at the Coventry Transport Museum, Bachmann Europe Plc. have today announced  their plans for the next 18 months for both the Bachmann Branchlines (00) and Graham Farish (N) brands. They also provided updates on the current work in progress. I outline below the items of Southern / Southern Region interest, the highlights of which are the release in 00 of an ex LBSC E4 0-6-2T and Birdcage coaching stock and the N Class makes an appearance in N Gauge. This post outlines the announcements of Southern / Southern Region interest, the full announcements can be found on the Bachmann website or RMweb

Firstly the Bachmann Branchline range in 00:

Class E4 0-6-2T
E4 steam75 locomotives were built between December 1897 and September 1903. Four locomotives were rebuilt as E4X Class between 1909 and 1911. The first was withdrawn in March 1955 and the last in June 1963. 1 locomotive has been preserved.
35-075 Class E4 0-6-2 579 LBSC Umber 
35-076 Class E4 0-6-2 473 Southern Green (Preserved)
35-077 Class E4 0-6-2 32556 BR Black Early Emblem
35-078 Class E4 0-6-2 32470 BR Black Late Crest

SECR 60’ Birdcage Coaches
39-600 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake Composite SECR Dark Lake
39-601 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake Composite SR Olive Green
39-602 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake Composite BR Vermillion
39-610 SECR 60’ Birdcage Composite SECR Dark Lake
39-611 SECR 60’ Birdcage Composite SR Olive Green
39-612 SECR 60’ Birdcage Composite BR Vermillion
39-620 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake 3rd SECR Dark Lake
39-621 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake 3rd SR Olive Green
39-622 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake 3rd BR Vermillion

Class 43 ‘Warship’ Diesel Hydraulic

33 locomotives were built between May 1960 and June 1962. The first was withdrawn in 1969 and the last in October 1971. Thwe 2013/14 range sees brand new tooling for the Warship.

32-065 Class 43 D865 ‘Zealous’ BR Maroon Small Yellow Panel
32-066 Class 43 D835 ‘Pegasus’ BR Green Small Yellow Panel
32-067 Class 43 No.842 ‘Royal Oak’ BR Blue

The recently introduced and popular C Class sees a number of new liveries:

31-463 C Class 0-6-0 271 SECR Plain Green livery
31-464 C Class 0-6-0 593 Southern Railway Black with Green Lining
31-465 C Class 0-6-0 31579 BR Black Late Crest

The previously announced SR PLV  Passenger Luggage Van is now in the CAD stage.

Other items announced in 00 include a BR Class 24/1, Midland 1F 0-6-0T, LMS Stanier 2-6-0 mogul and a GWR 64xx 0-6-0T

Secondly the N gauge Graham Farish range:

SR N Class 2-6-0 Mogul
SR N Class MC5015280 locomotives were built between 1917 and 1934. Twenty five locomotives were rebuilt between October 1955 and May 1961. The first was withdrawn in November 1962 and the last in June 1966.

372-930 N Class 2-6-0 1406 SR Olive Green Slope Sided Tender
372-931 N Class 2-6-0 31844 BR Black Early Emblem Straight Sided Tender
372-932 N Class 2-6-0 31831 BR Black Late Crest Slope Sided Tender

SR PLV 4 Wheel Van
374-415 Southern PL Passenger Luggage Van BR Crimson
374-416 Southern PL Passenger Luggage Van BR (SR) Green
374-417 Southern PL Passenger Luggage Van BR Blue

Southern Bogie B Van
374-630 SR 50ft Bogie B Luggage Van Southern Green
374-631 SR 50ft Bogie B Luggage Van BR (SR) Green
374-632 SR 50ft Bogie B Luggage Van BR Blue

SR Ventilated Vans
377-425 12 Ton Southern Planked Ventilated Van SR Brown
377-426 12 Ton Southern 2+2 Planked Ventilated Van BR Grey
377-427 12 Ton Southern 2+2 Planked Ventilated Van BR Bauxite

Other items announced in N include a BR Class 25/2 and 25/2, LMS Fairburn 2-6-4T, Midland 4f 0-6-0, GWR Castle 4-6-0 and a GWR 64xx 0-6-0T

N Bulleid D2123 Semi Open Brake 3rdThe previously announced Bullied coaches are now at the Engineering Prototype stage. As per the Semi Open Brake 3rd seen left, at the show were also examples of the Composite and all Thirds (further pictures will follow in a future post).  Also the Merchant Navy is now at the CAD design stage.

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