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As part of their announcement for planned new releases in 2013 Hornby have included a number of items of interest to SR / BR(s) modellers. The headline brand new model of interest is the 2Bil EMU

Eventually totalling 152 units the 2 Bil (bi-lavatory) first appeared in 1935 as a batch of ten units with 9ft wide bodyshells, intended for semi fast main line use on the Eastbourne line. Each unit consisted of a motor brake third and a driving trailer composite. A further batch of 2Bils was introduced in 1936 for use on the Waterloo to Portsmouth (slow) and Waterloo to Alton services. The final batch in 1938 was built for use on the Waterloo to Reading line. These post 1936 batches had detail differences and a slightly different layout to the motor car with larger luggage area and different compartment arrangement including a four seat coupe. The original batch also had a different control gear.
These units were long lived with some surviving until 1971, gaining the corporate blue livery and being allocated the TOPS Class 401.

Hornby's new 2Bil EMUs ready for release first quarter in 2013

Hornby’s new 2Bil EMUs ready for release first quarter in 2013 (picture courtesy and copyright A York)

Hornby are releasing sets 2114 and 2134 in train packs representing those from the post 1936 batches with R3161 as set 2114 in Maunsell lined olive green livery as when first introduced and R3162 as set 2134 in early British Railways mulitiple unit green with all over green ends.
Also being released is a National Railway Museum special edition R3177 representing set 2090 as preserved at the NRM. All of these units are in production now to be available for release in quarter 1 in 2013!

Keeping with EMUs the popular 5Bel “Brighton Bell” set will be available 2nd Quarter in the 1960’s version of umber and cream as train pack R3184 and coach pack R4582


R3160XS Rebuilt West Country Class No.34046 “Braunton” DCC Sound fitted in BR Brunswick Late Crest livery (Qtr1) Edit: 21/12/12 as 34046 would have been paired to a rebodied 5250 gallon tender not currently tooled by Hornby this release will now appear as 34108 Wincanton
R3010 King Arthur N15 Class No.771 “Sir Sagramore” in SR Pre 1931 Maunsell livery (Qtr1)
R3107 T9 Class No. 30313 in BR lined black with late crest livery paired to 6 wheel tender (Qtr2)
R3194 Schools V class No.30937 “Epsom” in BR lined black early crest livery with Lemaitre chimney (Qtr2)
R3208 Schools V class No.30915 “Brighton” in Br lined black early crest livery and white cab roof for royal train duty with Lemaitre chimney (Qtr3) (Concessions exclusive)
R3203 Rebuilt West Country Class No.34013 “Oakhampton” in BR Brunswick Late Crest livery (Qtr3)
R3159 M7 class no.30055 in BR lined black late crest livery, long framed Pull Push fitted. (Qtr3)
R3204 M7 class no.245 Special NRM Edition in LSWR livery, short framed. (Qtr3)

Somewhat more modern but running on previous SR territory the Eurostar and Javlin models are also to be released with the latest liveries (Qtr2).

Rolling stock

Although no new livery versions of the Maunsell coaches have been announced a further version of the Pull Push coach pack R4534B is added to the range (although the set number of this pack is yet to be confirmed) this is in addition to R5434A as Set 616 already announced with both to arrive Quarter 2.

Also relevant for BR(s) modellers is that the MK1 coach is being completely retooled and is included in the Railroad range aimed to compete on price with the Bachmann versions. (Qtr3)

The SR/BR(s) Van B will also be produced in BR Crimson R4586, BR Green R4536B and a version listed as BR Blue Scotland R4585. (Qtr2)

Of the new Private Owner wagon liveries announced R6590 is a 7 plank wagon in A & H Betts, Stewarts Lane Se&CR livery. (Qtr1)


Scaledale Southern Art Deco Signal box

Scaledale Southern Art Deco Signal box

The popular and convenient Scaledale range of resin buildings and accessories, that have been affectionately coined as ‘Ready-To-Plonk’ includes a couple of Southern inspired items, firstly: R9729 an Art Deco style signal box based on the SR box at Deal (Qtr2) and also R9727 trackside steps / rasised walkway for carriage cleaning etc based on those that were at London Victoria (Qtr2). Scaledale items tend to be limited to single production runs so purchase them while you can!


It is fair to say that Hornby have been suffering from supply issues in the last couple of years and this along with an aim to reduce rising costs has resulted in them making changes to their design philosophy. They have coined this as ‘Designed Clever’ and aims to simplify production, whilst maintaining quality and the detail levels whilst keeping products costs reasonable to the market place. The Pull Push sets were one of the first to be produced this way and their quality bodes well for this process.
Although the 2Bill is the only complete new tooling from a Southern / BR(s) perspective Hornby’s range to continue to increase as they have also announced totally new tooling for a GWR Star and a Hall along with an LNER P2, BR Standard 8 “Duke of Gloucester” and a Sentenal 0-4-0 industrial diesel.
These locos will be available with a lower detail / finishing (limited lining etc.) and therefore lower price version in the Railroad range too.
Three new wagons from new tooling have also been announced in the shape of a GWR shunters truck, a LMS / BR Parcels van CCT and BR 12T fish van (blue spot).

It is interesting to note that some of the incorrectly rumoured items have not appeared such as the Original Merchant Navy, S15 or 700 classes but hey at least my kit built examples will retain an air of originality on Fisherton Sarum!

The full range can be found on Hornby’s website here or also on the Model Railways Live website here.

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