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The Kernow Model Rail Centre have today announced that they have commissioned DJ Models to produce the LSWR 10T Diagram 1541 Road Van in OO Gauge as an exclusive model with the tooling owned by Kernow Model Rail Centre.

The Road Van used for Scanning on the Isle of Wight Railway

No. 56046 that was scanned on the Isle of Wight Railway

First introduced in 1886 they were later classed as SR Diagram 1541.  Almost 500 of these were built between then and 1905 making them the most numerous LSWR Goods Brake Van.  Brake Vans with side doors through which parcels or other goods could be loaded were known as road vans.

The CAD for this model is virtually complete

The CAD for this model is virtually complete

The prototype was laser scanned at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway at the same time that they scanned the  ex LWSR Adams O2 Class locomotive. 

I have been working with Kernow Model Rail Centre for a while now on the research and development of this model.

The latest cads, seen left,  are almost complete with just a few very minor tweaks required before tooling can commence.

A further CAD view

A further CAD view

The model joins their growing portfolio of LSWR models and will be ideal for use with their ex LSWR Adams O2 Class locomotive as they will be producing mainland and Isle of Wight numbered vehicles.

The models will be £24.99 each and no deposits are required.

The initial variations are as follows:

  • SB003A Number 56046 in SR Brown livery with red ends.  (Isle of Wight)
  • SB003B Number 12424 in LSWR Brown livery with red ends. (Mainland)
  • SB003C Number DS 54538 in BR Bauxite livery with “RETURN TO THREE BRIDGES” branding. (Mainland)
  • SB003D  Number S56055 in BR Bauxite livery. (Isle of Wight)
  • SB003E Number S56050 in BR Grey livery. (Isle of Wight)
  • SB003F Number S54730 in BR Grey livery. (Mainland)
  • SB003G Number S54656 in BR Bauxite livery. (Mainland)
  • SB003H Number 54611 in SR pre-1936 Brown livery with red ends. (Mainland)
  • SB003J Number 54551 in SR post-1936 Brown livery. (Mainland)
  • SB003K Number 56045 in SR post-1936 Brown livery. (Isle of Wight)

Further product and ordering information can be found on the Kernow Models Website here.

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