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Further to my post last week regarding the Bluebell Trusts’ Double Dash with an aim to raise £40,000 in a week  that would be matched by major supporters of the railway, I am pleased to report that the donations kept rolling in.

The original target of £40,000 was reached early in the week and a further £20,000 of matched funding was also then secured. The desire to help the Bluebell Railway reach East Grinstead is obviously strong as despite the matched target being reached donations have continued and now reached a staggering total in excess of £200,000!

Congratulations to the Bluebell Railway for this initiative and many thanks to all whom have donated to greatly assist with the completion of the extension of the line to East Grinstead.

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The Bluebell Railway in Sussex is a a haven for all things Southern with an impressive collection of both locomotives  and rolling stock, and is my favourite preserved line in the country.
It is currently pushing forward with its extension of the line to East Grinstead which entails a major removal of waste material and rubbish that was used to infill a cutting blocking the route between East Grinstead and Kingscote.

“The Big Give Christmas Challenge” takes place over the week of 5-9 December from 10am each day.

If the Bluebell can raise £30,000 online this week, then they receive another £30k in match funding. I am therefore spreading the word to  everyone to help with online donations large and small through the “The Big Give” web site during the course of this week to help fund the completion of the  Extension to East Grinstead.

Note: Match Funding is available from 10am each morning until the funding available for that day is all used up, so please be aware that donations made after that money has been used up will not be matched. A new tranche of matching funding becomes available at 10am each morning.

As of today (Tuesday) they have already  raised a staggering £46,157 in donations and match funding, plus £4,563 of Gift Aid to come.  Because the match-funding limit for the first two days has been reached, there is no more match funding available  until 10am tomorrow morning.

Please consider making a donation tomorrow or Thursday and if you are able allowing gift aid too as then as well as doubling the amount of your donation and extra amount is added from the tax too all for free!

*Stop Press* As of 11:30am on Wednesday 7th December the maximum matching of £30K (therefore in excess of £60K actually raised!) has been reached.

Excellent news all round and many thanks to all who donated. Any donations made subsequently via the link above will not be matched but Gift Aid can still be added.

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