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The Bachmann Collectors club have announced today the following:

“We are pleased to present our latest limited edition model. The popular Bachmann Branchline C Class 0-6-0 locomotive is now available exclusively from the Bachmann Collectors Club depicted in South Eastern & Chatham Railway Dark Grey livery as No.689. No.689 was one of a batch built in July 1900 by Neilson, Reid & Co of Glasgow, the class eventually totaling 109 examples with 70 being constructed at Ashford Works. During World War 1 in an effort to reduce cost and relieve the shortage of labour in the workshops, a simplified green livery with yellow numerals was introduced by the South Eastern & Chatham Railway.
This livery change coincided with the Operating Department’s adoption of the American despatch system which required easy identification of the locomotive as part of the procedure. Considerable difficulty was experienced with the colours weathering quickly and becoming difficult to read so the livery was changed to a dark slate grey with large white running numbers on the tender to aid identification in signal boxes and yards, particularly at night. This is the period of operation depicted by the release of the latest Bachmann Collectors’ Club model. 

31-460K LS

Picture courtesy of Bachmann Europe Plc

 Just 504 certificated models of the C Class have been produced (31-460K). This product is now available for Bachmann Collectors’ Club members to purchase through the Club website at www.bachmann-collectorsclub.co.uk and can also be ordered via telephone on 01455 841756. The model costs £84.35 and is available for immediate delivery.”

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Built between 1900 and 1908 the eventually 109 strong Wainwright C Class 0-6-0 tender locomotives were one of the first three new designs introduced after the creation of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway following the legal union of the South Eastern Railway and the London Chatham and Dover Railway. The class was long lived with only two not passing into British Railways ownership. The last members of the class were not withdrawn, mainly as a result of the Kent Coast electrification, until 1962 (although three  survived into departmental use as Ashford Works shunters until 1966).

With excellent riding qualities the C Class were often found on passenger and excursion duties as well as their primary role on goods trains throughout originally the SECR and subsequently the Eastern Section of the SR. Number 592 is now preserved on the Bluebell Railway.

Bachmann C Class in SR post 1937 livery

Bachmann first announced their intention to produce a C Class  in 2011. Initially three versions are now available and hitting the retailers:
31-460 as number 592 in SECR Lined Green as preserved on the Bluebell Railway
31-461 as number 1256 in post 1940 Southern Railway Black
31-462 as number 31086 in BR Black with Early Emblem

Bachmann have certainly done an excellent job in capturing the looks of these engines and the initial impression is very positive.

The lovely SECR livery. Picture courtesy and copyright A York

The SECR livery application  is extremely fine, pretty much second to none, capturing nearly all the intricate lining and lettering including the tiny SECR lettering on the tender axle boxes. The steam reverser however should also be lined but is in plain green on the model presumably due to limitations in the printing process. The other limitation of the livery application in model form is the finish of the brass dome does not quite match the highly polished original.

3/4 view from behind shows the tender detail and the cast metal coal load

Bachmann have also tooled for the correct taller original pattern chimney on the SECR livery version which is different to the other two releases.
I am sure many sales will / have occurred just because it looks so pretty.
On the post 1940 Southern black version illustrated here the lettering and numerals, shaded in green, are nicely applied and correct in that the numbers do not have the same inside black line as the lettering on the tender. They certainly look very comparable to my usual preferred use of HMRS decals for most of the SR post 1937 black locos in my fleet.

The underframe detail including the brakes, sandpipes and guard irons are all finely moulded including those on the tender. Brake rigging is supplied for the purchaser to fit to the locomotive and tender, although this is quite fiddly especially on the loco needing to take care around the sanding pipes.

The face of the C Class

The loco to tender coupling is a semi permanent fixed bar and is adjustable to shorten the gap between the loco and tender. The DCC plug location is in the tender so the wires between the loco and tender are connected via a small plug, very similar to that used by Hornby for a while now, which will make splitting the tender and loco apart if necessary much easier. It should be noted however that no pick ups are included on the tender itself which is a shame.

Bachmann’s usual use of a cast metal coal load helps give some weight to the otherwise quite light tender however if the load is removed it leaves a flat topped tender with a two locating holes rather than any representation of the albeit very small coal space, I assume that this is compromise to leave enough space inside the tender for the fitting of a DCC Sound speaker. I am not personally convinced by the coal effect this gives and will be adding a layer of real crushed coal once the loco is weathered.
On the all over black livery versions the fine details unlike that of the SECR livery are sometimes lost and some light weathering will actually help accentuate this detail.

The slight protrusion of the motor and gearbox in front of the firebox can be seen

The motor and drive is very well concealed within the firebox and it does protrude slightly forward of the front of the firebox, which is more noticeable on the SECR green version due to the prominence of the end of the polished boiler band but less so on the black versions. This does leave the correct daylight under the boiler but it is a shame that Bachmann have not included, unlike some recent models, any representation of the inside motion between the frames here as just a flat plate is visible.

Excellent detail and painting within the cab

A lovely wealth of detail is present  including lubricating and control pipework especially around the steam reverser, hand rails and lamp irons. The detail inside the open cab is excellent and Bachmann have recently upped their game with such detail including the painting and printing. Like some recent Hornby models there is even representation of the letting and needles on the pressure gauges. Curiously all versions have the protruding top of the firebox inside the cab painted in brass. Whilst this is likely to be correct for the SECR livery version I am not convinced it would have looked that way in later life as per the other livery variations.

As well as the brake rigging already mentioned for the purchaser to fit the model also comes with nicely moulded screw couplings one is factory fitted to the Loco and a spare for the tender if the tension lock coupling is removed; cab doors that will need to be glued in place as there does not appear to be any locating devices for them; and a nice set of fire irons for the tender. The only thing missing these days from the main manufacturer’s products are loco crew, but I assume that these ideally would need to be painted and would therefore increase costs too much.

Overall this model of the C Class is a sure fire winner and hopefully it will convince Bachmann to consider other such southern area pre grouping prototypes in the future.

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Well the annual event that is the Warley National Model Railway show at the NEC has now been and gone and by all accounts it appears that it was a good year for the show. I certainly thought that this year there was a good selection of layouts, attendance was apparently up by 8% and most of the traders appeared to be doing good business. I certainly had a good weekend on the Hornby Magazine stand operating Mike Wild’s Hettle layout despite it being N gauge, Midland Region and DCC meaning my comfort zone was somewhere outside of Hall 5, but I think I pulled it off!

As is becoming more usual now a number of suppliers and manufacturers time announcements, product development updates and availability of new product around the time of / during the show and this year was no exception. This post attempts to round up some of those items of interest from a Southern perspective.

Kernow Model Centre

As per my post on Saturday, Kernow Model Centre have announced they are to commission via Dapol a Beattie Well Tank in 7mm along with suitable china clay wagons. Pre ordering and making a deposit payment of £100 will give you a saving of £100 off the £299 usual price. A ready to run 0 Gauge loco for £199 is a bargain I am sure many will not be able to resist. Full details can be found on my previous post here.  I predict a number of new Cornish china clay shelf type inglenook shunting layouts popping up due to these models, which could also be easily changed to be a decade or so later by switching the Well Tank for  a Dapol Class 08!
They also had some of the livery samples of their Class 205 ‘Thumper’ DEMU on display, commissioned via Bachmann this certainly looks an excellent model.


At the show an entire area was dedicated to the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway with the full size replica L&B locomotive Lyd being a centre piece surrounded by more L & B layouts than you could shake a stick at.

Peco’s R-T-R L&B Wagons

Peco took the opportunity to announce a new range of ready to run wagons and coaches in 009. Initial releases will be a box van and an open wagon in both L & B grey and SR brown available early in the new year with suitable coaches to follow later. More details and pictures can be found here  Whilst I am sure these will be popular with existing 009 modellers the current lack of any suitable R-T-R locomotives in 009 might still deter new entrants to the genre (although fingers crossed that perhaps locomotives might follow).


The long awaited C Class from Bachmann in both the exquisite full SECR livery and post 1937 Southern Liveries were available at the show and the BR black version is also imminent. I will be reviewing this model on this blog hopefully later in the week.

The EP of LMS diesel 10000

In their usual display cases at the show were a number of Engineering prototypes of current work in progress and their version of the LMS main line diesel twins 10000 and 10001 looked impressive, mentioned on here as they of course ran on the Southern Region. This model is in part commissioned by Rails of Sheffield with some livery versions being exclusive to them. Availability is anticipated to be early next year.


Whilst the announcements made by Dapol at the show were for some modern image wagons in 0 Gauge (I assume to compliment their previously announced Class 08 shunter) they had for sale on the stand SR 5 and 8 plank open wagons also in 0 Gauge although I think these are generic open wagons rather based on specific SR prototypes.
Dapol have also rereleased their N Gauge CCT (Van U) utility van which appears to have been slightly updated with finer tooling and NEM coupling pockets.

RT Models

Robert continues to add useful detailing items to his ever expanding range that can be found at www.rtmodels.co.uk. I covered his etched LSWR and LBSC lamp irons in my post here and can now confirm that the LBSC version is now available and has enough irons for two locomotives including the extended bufferbeam irons.
On show for the first time at Warley were SR engine lamps very nicely cast in white metal offering a much finer scale alternative to those available from Spingside (although Robert’s do not have the jewelled lens).
Also under his custodianship the Albert Goodall range now includes cast white metal brake cylinders for the Bulleid Pacific 4500 and 5500 gallon tenders that are noticeably absent from the Hornby models and are well designed to be a simple direct fit.

Trafford Model Centre (TMC)

The TMC Mk1 Horseboxes, picture courtesy and copyright M Wild

The TMC Mk1 Horseboxes, picture courtesy and copyright M Wild

The TMC commission, via Bachmann of the Mk1 Horsebox was available at the show and the weathered Southern Region green version I saw certainly looked extremely good. Further details can be found here.

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This post is just a quick update from  Bachmann (00) and Farish (N) on where Southern Railway / Southern Region related previously announced models are within work in progress.

Firstly Bachmann,  in 00 gauge, where the main good news is that the 25t ‘Pill Box’ brake vans have gone through production and are on the high seas to us as I type. A review of these models will be posted on this blog soon. Also the C class has now been approved for production to commence. In other SR related news the  SR PLV/PMV & CCT 4 wheel luggage vans announced in March this year are still at the development stage prior to entering the drawing office. The Class 205 ‘Thumper’ for the Kernow Model Centre is currently at the livery sample stage awaiting sign off before production can commence.

With respect to Farish, in N gauge, the 25t ‘Pill box’ brake vans have been release for production. Also following their announcement in March this year the Bulleid coaches are in the drawing office whilst the Original Style Merchant Navy pacifics along with the SR Van U (BR CCT) are at the Development stage prior to entering the drawing office.

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Pre-production livery samples of the SR Black and the BR black versions of the eagerly awaited ex SECR C Class 0-6-0 were released by Bachmann a short while ago now and can be seen on the Bachmann website here.  Having had the chance to see and handle the pre-production samples I can say as models go it is a cracker.

The livery application for the complex SECR liveried version was always going to be a challenge and I am sure that some people out there did/do not think Bachmann would be able to pull it off. I am pleased to report that having looked over the livery sample at the weekend they have managed it with aplomb.

This livery application is crisply carried out with very fine lining and excellent definition between the colours. The fine level of printing on the model even extends to the minute SE&CR lettering on the Tender axleboxes!
I should add that the livery on this model is as per the style applied to 592 on the Bluebell Railway and may not be strictly accurate to the  livery it would have worn in true SECR pre-grouping days as for example I believe the steam reverser  would also have been fully lined (a challenge in its own right).

I was also impressed with the level of back head detail and painting in what is a very open cab and could well be one of best from Backmann yet, whom in my opinion have lagged behind Hornby in this area for some time, but recent models have certainly improved in this respect.

I am very much looking forward to adding the C Class to my fleet, albeit the somewhat duller Southern Bulleid  ‘Sunshine’  Black livery, as they will be very appropriate for one of the other layouts that I have planned based on Hawkhurst in Kent, for which I already have most of the required rolling stock and some of the buildings completed.

Larger version of all the images can be seen by clicking on them.

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As well as announcing their plans for the next 18 months at the  annual trade model and hobby show last week  Bachmann also had on display some of the pre-production samples of the work in progress of models announced last year.

Pre-Production Sample of the SECR (SR) C Class due for release later this year. Photo courtesy of Mike Wild

One such model on display and of particular interest to Southern Modellers is the much awaited ex SECR C Class 0-6-0.   These locomotives were designed by Harry Wainwright and built between 1900 and 1908.  They were designed primarily for freight duties, although occasionally they were also used for passenger trains. They operated over much of the South East of England with some also known to have ventured to Nine Elms and Feltham on the western section.

A hand painted Pre-Production Sample of the BR Version of the ex SECR(SR) C Class. Photo courtesy of Mike Wild

107 examples entered service with British Railways in 1948. Withdrawals began in 1953, but accelerated after the Kent Coast electrification in 1959-1960. Three examples (31271, 31280, 31592) remained in Departmental stock as shunters at Ashford Works until 1966. 31592 was preserved and has seen regular use on the Bluebell Railway.

Bachmann have announced three initial versions:
31-460 as 592 SECR Lined Green as preserved on the Bluebell Railway
31-461 1256 in prewar Southern Railway Black
31-462 31086 BR Black Early Emblem

I was not at the event so have not yet had a chance to see the models in the flesh , from the photographs they appear to have captured the look and character of the prototype nicely, although there are,  as one might expect at this stage of the design and development process, a few inconsistencies between the two samples such as pipework and details and on one version the quite prominent front guard irons are missing.
With the models at this pre-production stage I would not expect them to hit the shelves until the autumn at the earliest.

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