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This post is just a quick update from  Bachmann (00) and Farish (N) on where Southern Railway / Southern Region related previously announced models are within work in progress.

Firstly Bachmann,  in 00 gauge, where the main good news is that the 25t ‘Pill Box’ brake vans have gone through production and are on the high seas to us as I type. A review of these models will be posted on this blog soon. Also the C class has now been approved for production to commence. In other SR related news the  SR PLV/PMV & CCT 4 wheel luggage vans announced in March this year are still at the development stage prior to entering the drawing office. The Class 205 ‘Thumper’ for the Kernow Model Centre is currently at the livery sample stage awaiting sign off before production can commence.

With respect to Farish, in N gauge, the 25t ‘Pill box’ brake vans have been release for production. Also following their announcement in March this year the Bulleid coaches are in the drawing office whilst the Original Style Merchant Navy pacifics along with the SR Van U (BR CCT) are at the Development stage prior to entering the drawing office.

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Pre-production livery samples of the SR Black and the BR black versions of the eagerly awaited ex SECR C Class 0-6-0 were released by Bachmann a short while ago now and can be seen on the Bachmann website here.  Having had the chance to see and handle the pre-production samples I can say as models go it is a cracker.

The livery application for the complex SECR liveried version was always going to be a challenge and I am sure that some people out there did/do not think Bachmann would be able to pull it off. I am pleased to report that having looked over the livery sample at the weekend they have managed it with aplomb.

This livery application is crisply carried out with very fine lining and excellent definition between the colours. The fine level of printing on the model even extends to the minute SE&CR lettering on the Tender axleboxes!
I should add that the livery on this model is as per the style applied to 592 on the Bluebell Railway and may not be strictly accurate to the  livery it would have worn in true SECR pre-grouping days as for example I believe the steam reverser  would also have been fully lined (a challenge in its own right).

I was also impressed with the level of back head detail and painting in what is a very open cab and could well be one of best from Backmann yet, whom in my opinion have lagged behind Hornby in this area for some time, but recent models have certainly improved in this respect.

I am very much looking forward to adding the C Class to my fleet, albeit the somewhat duller Southern Bulleid  ‘Sunshine’  Black livery, as they will be very appropriate for one of the other layouts that I have planned based on Hawkhurst in Kent, for which I already have most of the required rolling stock and some of the buildings completed.

Larger version of all the images can be seen by clicking on them.

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As well as announcing their plans for the next 18 months at the  annual trade model and hobby show last week  Bachmann also had on display some of the pre-production samples of the work in progress of models announced last year.

Pre-Production Sample of the SECR (SR) C Class due for release later this year. Photo courtesy of Mike Wild

One such model on display and of particular interest to Southern Modellers is the much awaited ex SECR C Class 0-6-0.   These locomotives were designed by Harry Wainwright and built between 1900 and 1908.  They were designed primarily for freight duties, although occasionally they were also used for passenger trains. They operated over much of the South East of England with some also known to have ventured to Nine Elms and Feltham on the western section.

A hand painted Pre-Production Sample of the BR Version of the ex SECR(SR) C Class. Photo courtesy of Mike Wild

107 examples entered service with British Railways in 1948. Withdrawals began in 1953, but accelerated after the Kent Coast electrification in 1959-1960. Three examples (31271, 31280, 31592) remained in Departmental stock as shunters at Ashford Works until 1966. 31592 was preserved and has seen regular use on the Bluebell Railway.

Bachmann have announced three initial versions:
31-460 as 592 SECR Lined Green as preserved on the Bluebell Railway
31-461 1256 in prewar Southern Railway Black
31-462 31086 BR Black Early Emblem

I was not at the event so have not yet had a chance to see the models in the flesh , from the photographs they appear to have captured the look and character of the prototype nicely, although there are,  as one might expect at this stage of the design and development process, a few inconsistencies between the two samples such as pipework and details and on one version the quite prominent front guard irons are missing.
With the models at this pre-production stage I would not expect them to hit the shelves until the autumn at the earliest.

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