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Pre-production livery samples of the SR Black and the BR black versions of the eagerly awaited ex SECR C Class 0-6-0 were released by Bachmann a short while ago now and can be seen on the Bachmann website here.  Having had the chance to see and handle the pre-production samples I can say as models go it is a cracker.

The livery application for the complex SECR liveried version was always going to be a challenge and I am sure that some people out there did/do not think Bachmann would be able to pull it off. I am pleased to report that having looked over the livery sample at the weekend they have managed it with aplomb.

This livery application is crisply carried out with very fine lining and excellent definition between the colours. The fine level of printing on the model even extends to the minute SE&CR lettering on the Tender axleboxes!
I should add that the livery on this model is as per the style applied to 592 on the Bluebell Railway and may not be strictly accurate to the  livery it would have worn in true SECR pre-grouping days as for example I believe the steam reverser  would also have been fully lined (a challenge in its own right).

I was also impressed with the level of back head detail and painting in what is a very open cab and could well be one of best from Backmann yet, whom in my opinion have lagged behind Hornby in this area for some time, but recent models have certainly improved in this respect.

I am very much looking forward to adding the C Class to my fleet, albeit the somewhat duller Southern Bulleid  ‘Sunshine’  Black livery, as they will be very appropriate for one of the other layouts that I have planned based on Hawkhurst in Kent, for which I already have most of the required rolling stock and some of the buildings completed.

Larger version of all the images can be seen by clicking on them.

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