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I am please to advise with Kernow Model Centre’s permission that the second set of CAD images have arrived from Dapol and Kernow Model Centre along with myself are now in the process of checking these. I am sure there will be further amendments to be made in due course.

These Cads reflect the Isle of Wight extended bunker version also fitted with the Westinghouse air braking system used on the Island. The mainland variant of the model, including the pull push fitted option will be worked on once this version is complete.

Further information about the O2 models from the  Kernow Model Centre can be found here.

The shovel that was inadvertently left on the water tank during the laser scan has been removed!

The Engine Head Signal discs (often incorrectly referred to as headcode disks) will be separate fittings as they were with the Beattie Well Tank.
The destination and duty number boards are shown for effect but will not be included on the completed model.

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This post is just a quick update from  Bachmann (00) and Farish (N) on where Southern Railway / Southern Region related previously announced models are within work in progress.

Firstly Bachmann,  in 00 gauge, where the main good news is that the 25t ‘Pill Box’ brake vans have gone through production and are on the high seas to us as I type. A review of these models will be posted on this blog soon. Also the C class has now been approved for production to commence. In other SR related news the  SR PLV/PMV & CCT 4 wheel luggage vans announced in March this year are still at the development stage prior to entering the drawing office. The Class 205 ‘Thumper’ for the Kernow Model Centre is currently at the livery sample stage awaiting sign off before production can commence.

With respect to Farish, in N gauge, the 25t ‘Pill box’ brake vans have been release for production. Also following their announcement in March this year the Bulleid coaches are in the drawing office whilst the Original Style Merchant Navy pacific’s along with the SR Van U (BR CCT) are at the Development stage prior to entering the drawing office.

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William Adams was the Locomotive Superintendent of the London South Western Railway between 1878 and his retirement due to ill health in 1895. He arrived having held similar positions on the North London Railway and the Great Eastern Railway at Stratford. On the LSWR he was responsible for the introduction of 524 locomotives across 16 classes ranging from diminutive 0-4-0 B4 tanks to 4-4-0 express tender engines such as the T6 and X6 classes and the of course the 0415 class Radial tanks that achieved longevity and fame on the Lyme Regis Branch. Adams also supervised the expansion of the Nine Elms locomotive works and the transfer of the carriage and wagon works to Eastleigh (which would also later become the locomotive works as well).

Whilst many of the classes introduced were withdrawn by the 1930′s a large number survived well into British Railways ownership. This post highlights some of the examples that I have models of and can sometimes be seen running on Fisherton Sarum. All these examples have been kit built.

0395 class number 3441 built from a DJH kit and awaiting weathering

First up is the 395 Class (later 0395 class) originally a class of 70 0-6-0 tender locomotives introduced between 1881 and 1886, 20 passed onto the Southern Railway in 1923 with 18 surviving into British Railways days. Number 3441 (30577 in BR days)  pictured here was allocated to Salisbury during the 1940′s and used on shed and station pilot duties as well as shunting the west yard.  withdrawals took place from 1953 with the last being 30567 in September 1959 after 76 years of service.

A12 number 654 built from Nu-Cast kit

The A12 Class of 0-4-2 tender locomotives were first  introduced in 1887, at the time of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, and the class were known as ‘Jubilees’. Fifty were built at Nine Elms with a further 40 contracted out to Neilson & Co at Glasgow. For quite a diminutive engine  they were surprisingly capable on heavy excursions and troop train movements,  goods services to the west of England, Weymouth and Southampton and passenger train services in north and central Devon. All 90 entered Southern Railway service and the last of the class was not withdrawn until 1948 (although the four that survived, just, into the British Railways ownership did not gain a BR number).

T1 class number 10 built from a Craftsman kit

The 50 strong T1 class of 0-4-4 tanks were introduced in 1888 and a second batch in 1894 and were essentially a tank version of the A12 class.  The second world war prolonged the life of these engines  with 15 (from the second batch) entering BR ownership and lasting until 1951. Number 10 again was again a Salisbury based locomotive usually deployed on shed and station pilot duties.

O2 Class number 213 and mainland non pull push fitted example built from a SE Finecast kit.

The O2 class of 60 0-4-4 tank locomotives were introduced in 1889 and despite their size proved powerful and were a development of the T1 class. They were originally intended to replace the ageing Beattie tanks. They ended up generally on branch line use across the ex LSWR network although of  course off the mainland the class is most associated with their use on the Isle of Wight railways. A Ready to run model in 4mm has been commissioned by the Kernow Model Centre in both mainland, IoW and pull push versions. 

G6 Class number 237 built from a Wills (SE Finecast) kit on a re-wheeled Wrenn chassis block

Lastly for this post is the G6 class of 34 0-6-0 tank locomotives (Adams only 0-6-T design) and was based on the O2 utilising the same boiler resulting an a compact tank. A number of the class were built well after Adams retired a testimony to his design. Only 2 of the class did not make it into BR ownership although withdrawals occurred in 1951 the last member of the class survived until 1962.

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As some of you may have noticed the Kernow Model Centre website is experiencing a technical hiccup this today.

This has been due to the website beeing moved by Cybertill, their service provider, to new servers provided by Amazon. Unfortunately something has gone wrong and it wasn’t the smooth transition that Kernow were hoping for! It is being worked on and Kernow Model Cantre are hoping for it to resume back to normality as soon as possible.

The Model Rail Offers website www.modelrailoffers.co.uk is unaffected.

In the mean time – if you would like to place an order with Kernow Model Centre please give them a call on 01209 714099.

For daily announcements visit their facebook page: Kernow Model Rail Centre, or follow them on Twitter: @kernowmodelrail.
Edit 26/07/12: Glad to report that the Kernow Model Centre website is back up and running and normal service has been resumed.

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The Kernow Model Centre have today released the first off CAD images of the forthcoming Admas O2 commissioned model and have also advised further information as below. It should be noted that being the first off there are still a number of corrections and amendments that are likely to be required.

The CAD drawings  have been produced from the data collected during the laser scan of Calbourne carried out at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway last autumn. Once these  have amended these with any corrections required they  will move on to produce individual cad-cams for each variant to be produced.

Unfortunately the cost of tooling these models has risen by almost 40%, mainly due to the changes in labour conditions and working practices in China. Kernow Model Centre  therefore regret that they cannot absorb a price rise of this magnitude and have been forced to increase the price of the O2 model to £119.99. This price will be reduced to £104.99 for pre-orders placed prior to delivery of the final model. They will continue to honour the pre-order price for their loyal customers who had already pre-ordered this model prior to July 2012, subject to no taxation changes such as VAT increases.

In response to demand an additional variant has been added to the five models previously announced. This will be number 30193 with an early emblem for the benefit of modellers who want an early emblem O2 without pull-push equipment.

Kernow Model centre  have received many requests for a pull-push fitted O2 with late crest, but to date no evidence has been found to  establish that such a version ever existed! Should positive information about this come to light then they certainly consider this request.

Realistically we do not think it likely that these models will be available before the end of this year and think it more likely that they will now be delivered during 2013.

The full list of the now six initial variants can be found and pre-ordered from the Kernow Models Website here

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As first announced by Hornby in January this year the models of the BR conversions of Maunsell stock into Twenty Pull Push sets, that were converted by BR(SR) from late 1959 to mid 1960, have now started to hit the retailers.  The Hornby models correctly consisted of an 1935 built ex-Diagram 2403 Maunsell Brake Corridor Composite and a Diagram 2023 (ex 1930 built Diagram 2005) Maunsell Second Open (was designated a Third Open until 1956). Hornby have released  the sets both as a coach pack (R4534) as Set 610 and the train pack (R3087) as set 600 with M7 30029.

Building on the success of their excellent Maunsell coach range they have of course utilised a number of common components such as the underframes and bogies, complete with their standard close coupling cam arrangement and  NEM pockets etc. Both coach bodies are new toolings to take into account the driving brake and also the  Diagram 2023 Third / Open Second.

The models correctly recreate the modifications to the prototype; where the brake end was modified by inserting two windows to form a driving compartment,  the corridor connection removed and plated over (complete with rivet detail), and droplights replacing the familiar former guard’s lookout duckets. Similarly the outer end of the Second Open had its outer corridor connection removed and plated over  but the corridor connection between the two vehicles was retained.  Hornby’s attention to detail has included the up-rated EMU style buffer stocks fitted to the outer ends of both coaches along with fine rivet detail, the additional lamp irons, handrails, steps and whistle on the driving end. This attention to detail has also extended to the fact that the driving end bogie correctly has the guard irons represented, and also within the interior that features correctly coloured seating for both 1st. & 2nd. class along with brown partitions, all very nice touches!

Livery and printing matches the high standard of the existing Maunsell Stock range, and unlike on their recently released Van Bs have they managed to get the ‘Guard’ lettering on the doors the correct size. 30029 within the R3087 Train pack version has the shed plate 75F for Tonbridge Wells West, printed on the smokebox door, which is correct for both the 30029′s and Set 600′s allocation for the time period c1963.  They have however used the dog clamp fitted smokebox door arrangement on this M7, where in reality 30029 retained the centre dart method of keeping the door closed.

The Second / Third Open type is also due to be released as a Diagram 2005 loose coach in Olive Green as No. 1400 and BR(s) Green as s1314s but of course fitted with standard buffers and corridor connections at each end.

As these were only introduced by BR(s) from 1959 for those of us modelling earlier periods it should be remembered that   ex LSWR Gate Stock Pull Push units have been commissioned by Kernow Model Centre for release probably early 2013 and I know that the early stages of the CAD preparation is underway.

Note: ‘Pull Push’ rather than ‘Push Pull’ was the description usually coined by the Southern Railway / Southern Region within working notices etc for these type of workings.

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Dapol today announced that they will be producing the Class 73 Electro-Diesel in ’00′ Gauge. This will be a totally new model and will be  laser scanned for accuracy,  the specifications includes having see through etched main bodyside and roof grills,  Sprung buffers, NEM coupler pockets and a host of other details.

The tooling is being produced to allow for ‘JA’ variants at a later date.

Four models are available in the initial release.
4D010001 Dapol Class 73 Electro-Diesel Locomotive 73 102 in ‘Intercity’ Livery
4D010002 Dapol Class 73 Electro-Diesel Locomotive 73 105 in Large Logo BR Blue
4D010003 Dapol Class 73 Electro-Diesel Locomotive 73 124 in BR Blue
4D010004 Dapol Class 73 Electro-Diesel Locomotive 73 135 in BR Blue

In addition to the above versions the Kernow Model Centre have announced their own commissioned version of 73 212 in Network Rail Livery. Each model is limited to just 250 pieces and will come with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

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I am extremely pleased to advise that the ’00′ gauge Beattie Well Tank commissioned by the Kernow Model Centre and manufactured by Dapol has come first place within the 4mm Steam  locomotive category in the Annual Model of Year award 2011. The annual poll is organised jointly between RMweb, Model Rail Magazine and Model Railways Express online magazine and asks modellers to vote across a number of categories. Congratulations to the Kernow Model Centre for making the inspired and brave step to commission the model and for Dapol for manufacturing the model so nicely.

3314 in Bulleid Sunshine style livery is the latest release of this award winning model

As readers of this blog will be aware I have been providing assistance to the Kernow Model Centre with this model and also their future Southern related models so I am extremely pleased (without any bias of course) that the hard work and effort that has gone in to this model by all parties has been recognised in this way.
The full list of results can be found in the newly published  ‘Spring’ issue of Model Rail Magazine and also here on RMweb and on Model Railway Express online magazine in due course.

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Following on from the success of the first four versions of the Beattie Well Tank,  Kernow Model Rail Centre has today announced the release of 3314 in Bulleid ‘Sunshine’ livery. 3314 carried this livery between November 1942 and November 1949 when she was renumbered 30585 and gained British Railways early emblem livery.

3314 in Bulleid Sunshine style livery

The Kernow Model Rail Centre announcement is below:

“We are pleased to announce that a fifth Beattie Well Tank has been produced and is currently on board a ship from China due to arrive in the UK at the end of February.

3314 will be limited to 500 models

Item reference K2055, this will be number 3314 in Southern Black livery with Bulleid Sunshine lettering and will be priced at £94.99 plus postage.

This model is limited to just 500 pieces and as the previous Southern model sold out very quickly we anticipate demand for this model will be very strong.

3314 carried this livery between November 1942 and November 1949

Orders can be placed through our website or by phone – or on Kernow Model Rail Centre website here.  

Deliveries of this version can be expected by the end of February

As with the previously released versions the model comes fitted with 6 Pin DCC Decoder socket (conveniently located behind the removable smoke box door, should a DCC decoder be required to be fitted) and an accessory bag containing etched fire irons, coupings, vacuum pipes and SR Route Discs.

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I am happy to post with the permission of  Kernow Models the following announcement, from them:

We are pleased to announce that we have commissioned Dapol to produce the much-requested LSWR Push-Pull Gate Set in OO Gauge.  This will be produced from tools owned by Kernow Model Rail Centre and will be to the same high standard as the Beattie Well Tank and forthcoming Adams O2 Models.  We will be working closely with Graham Muspratt and Mike King to ensure the models are as accurate as possible.

Set 373, image courtesy of Colour Rail via Kernow Models

K1001 Set number 363 in SR Lined Maunsell Green livery

K1002 Set number 373 in SR unlined Malachite Green livery

K1003 Set number 374 in BR Crimson livery

K1004 Set number 373 in BR (SR) Green livery

Each twin pack will contain the Driving Brake Composite and Third coach and will be priced at £99.99 including postage to UK addresses.

Delivery is expected late 2012 to early 2013.

An O2 and Set 373, image courtesy of Colour Rail via Kernow Models

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice my name in the release as I have been assisting Kernow Models for a while now with their Southern Railway related commissions and have been researching and obtaining the relevant LSWR original drawings for this stock that was originally built in 1914 which have now been obtained and from which the CAD drawings for the model will be created.

I would encourage any pre-orders to be made via the website links rather than contact the shop direct at this moment in time.

Note: Post updated 29th Nov to reflect the correction to the K1001 set which will now be Set 363 to reflect the reforming of Set 372 to set 363 in 1933.

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